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Listen to a personal message from Dave.
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"Give Me Two Weeks, And I'll Show You Why It Pays To Switch Trash Haulers... And It Won't Cost You A Dime"

The California Waste Story

Dear Friend,

I’m passionate about collecting your trash.

Since 1927, my family has provided excellent trash collection service at ultra-competitive rates in the Greater San Joaquin and Sacramento County area.

And now that my company has been granted all of the necessary “waste hauler permits”, I’m willing to make you a one-of-a-kind offer that demonstrates how committed I really am to earning your business.

Here’s My Big Promise

“Get 2 Free Weeks Of Trash Pick-Up”

Call us at (209) 369-3712 to schedule your free on-site quote and get 2 FREE weeks of trash pick-up without any commitments, obligations or “binding contracts.”

If you wish to continue with our service, I promise to deliver on-time trash pick-up at a fair price. But if you don’t wish to continue with us, our truck will stop visiting your location and we’ll part as friends. Sound fair?

Look, if your garbage isn’t collected on time … if your waste management fees seem to keep rising without notice … if your trash man leaves a mess behind week after week … then isn’t it time you switched waste collection companies?

I think it is. That’s why I want you to call us for your free on-site quote to find out if you’re eligible for 2 free weeks of trash pick-up without any more expectations on our part.

Download Our Free Special Report

In the meantime, if you want to find out if your current waste hauler is measuring-up to the service standards you know you deserve, I want you to download my Free Special Report called, “7 Cost-Saving Tips Most Trash Haulers Hope You Overlook”.

To do this now, click here to go to the top of this Web page and fill-in your name and email address. You’ll get instant access to this report at no cost. And remember: I do respect your privacy and promise to NEVER sell, barter or rent your email address to ANY third party. Period!

Payment Options While you’re here, it also makes sense to navigate through this Website and click the Payment Options Tab when you scroll up. Not only do we take cash. check and money order payments, but we also accept MasterCard™, VISA™ and American Express™ … as well as “electronic banking".

Commercial If you want trash collection for your business, then it makes sense to click the Commercial Tab at the top of this Website so you can get the full story about our commercial and industrial services and different waste bin sizes.

Residential If you want trash collection for your home, then please click the Residential Tab at to get the details about our residential service and collection schedule calendar.

Common Questions Finally, if you have any questions about waste collection in your area, click the FAQ Tab to find a list of the 9 most commonly asked questions and answers.

What To Do When You Spot Our White Trucks

By now, I think you know how passionate I am about collecting your garbage and I do hope our paths cross often. I'm committed to earning your business, even if it’s a year from now.

So, if you ever spot one of our white trucks with the “California Waste Recovery Systems” logo on the side, feel free to flag down the driver to call in for your on-site quote.

Remember: Tell them that “Dave Sent You!”

All the best,

Dave Vaccarezza

P.S. Click here to read the 9 Most Commonly Asked Questions about trash collection.

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