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Residential Commercial Washout Payment Options


Residental Collection Schedules


California Waste Recovery Systems, provides quality trash and recycling collection services to residential customers in the City of Galt and in the communities of Woodbridge and Rancho Murieta. We would be happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Please feel free to call us at (209)369-6887 or (916) 354-4154 or email us at:


Service consists of curbside collection using the 3 Cart System:

  • a brown cart for trash
  • a green cart for recycling
  • a gray cart for yard & garden waste


Galt Standard Service

  • 64 gal. Trash Cart
  • 64 gal. Recycling Cart
  • 96 gal. Yard & Garden Cart

Woodbridge Standard Service

  • 38 gal. Trash Cart
  • 64 gal. Recycling Cart
  • 96 gal. Yard & Garden Cart
Rancho Murieta residents, you have various cart sizes to choose from. Please call our Customer Service office at (916) 354-4154 to discuss your options.

Note the following guidelines:

• Carts must have 3 feet clearance on all sides.

• Carts must be 6 feet from vehicles and all other obstacles.

• Place waste carts just off sidewalk in gutter.

• All carts must be curbside by 5:00 a.m. on your service day to   avoid a return trip charge.

It is necessary that all items fall freely from your carts. Items that do not come out of your carts will be serviced on your next scheduled service day.

Do not place the following items in your carts: dirt, concrete, or rock, dead animals, liquids such as oil, water, gas or chemicals, hot ashes or coals, or hazardous waste.


Please place only household trash in your brown trash cart. Also available for your special needs:

  • A 20-gallon low volume cart is available for a reduced rate.

  • Back yard service is also available for an extra fee.

  • For Woodbridge residents, a 64-gallon brown trash cart is available for an additional fee.

  • For Galt residents, a 96-gallon brown trash cart is available for an additional fee.

  • Rancho Murieta residents, various sizes of brown trash carts are available in your community. Please contact our Customer Service office at (916) 354-4154 for more information.


Please place only these items in your green recycling cart:

• Tin & Steel Cans

• Junk Mail

• Aluminum Cans

• Colored Paper & Bags

• Glass Bottles & Jars

• Construction Paper

• Newspapers

• Envelopes

• Plastic Bottles & Jugs

• Aluminum Foil & Trays

• Shoe Boxes

• Catalogs

• Brown Paper Bags

• Computer Paper

• Corrugated Cardboard

• White Ledger Paper

• Chipboard Boxes

• Chipboard

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Please place only these items in your gray yard & garden cart:

• Lawn Trimmings

• Weeds

• Garden Prunings

• Leaves

• Cuttings from trees and shrubs


The following materials are unacceptable in your gray yard & garden cart:

• No Plastic Bags

• No Food Scraps

• No Dirt, Rocks or Concrete

• No Tree Stumps


For special home and yard projects we offer various sizes of debris boxes and Rent-a-bins. Call one of our Customer Service Representatives and we'll be happy to determine your needs.

Debris Boxes

The following materials are acceptable in Rent-a-bins and Debris Boxes:

• Household Trash • Small Appliances
• Light Construction Debris • Plastics
• Yard & Garden Debris • Scrap Metal
• Non-Hazardous Materials  

California Waste Recovery Systems
P.O. Box 670
Woodbridge, CA 95258-0670
Phone: (209) 369-6887
Fax: (209) 369-2703
Email: customerservice@cal-waste.com
Sacramento Phone: (916) 441-1985
Rancho Murieta Phone: (916) 354-4154